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Sunday, May 22, 2011 5/22/2011 04:29:00 PM
just the way i am ..

this is my cat .. my fat and black cat .. at 1st , it was normal to see him slp in this position of cos ..
but ....

ii noticed . his mouth was opened . LOLS" wadd siia . ji tao slpt like a human larhhs .

OREO STAR ! okiies , iim like a fucking kiddo .. but ehhs , this was used to be my favourite breakfast okiies .. mum will always re-stock my oreos from ntuc .. rmb that oreo biscuits comes in boxes of 9 packets ? YEA , mum bought like 3 boxes each time cos 1 glass of milk , ii'll eat arnd 3-4 packets depending on my appetite ^^. so ii saw this at some 7-11 for $2 & bb bought for me .. hehes ..

my awesome breakfast .. hehes"

NEVERLAND ! wow .. ii duno when's the last time ii've been there .. but well . it was supposed to be a chill-out session .. ended up in neverland . & WTF . ii wore slippers & looked damn plain can .. luckily ii had my eyeliners on .. lols"

this should be like the picture of the day . SO COOL .. bb was like .. "have seen before lollipop with beer ?" den he burst into laughters .. at 1st , ii waas puzzled by wadd he meant , but when ii saw , ii cant help but LOL too .. guessed who's the star of the night ?

SHI HUI ! henry's gf .. hahhs" cute siia .. we had tequila shots & she stayed in this position for quite awhile so ii snapped ..

5 - 10 , 5 - 10 ..


CUTE RYTE ?? hehes .. ii wish everytime iim drunk , ii will be giggling here and there lorhhs .. LOLS"

well , ii noe it seems that we have some misunderstanding in the past .. cos too be honest , iim happy that you guys will still ask about me .. in fact , iim just ur friend's gf .. you can call me petty or waddeva fuck .. but like ii said . you're my bf's friends .. ii always think wadds best for him .. if other ppl's birthday , ii have to fork out money den where the fuck are all of you when it comes to my bf's birthday ? wahhs . ppl's bday , present 1 person $30 , 2 person $60 . hate ur bunch of act rich friends . 2-face ppl in fact .. ii noe who are good who are not .. ii have eyes to see and a heart to feel .. forget about birthdays celebration man .. got heart arhhs . you sure will open ur mouth and suggest something .. if you forget and after you made up for it . its okiies you noe .. but if you simply dun give a fuck & selfishly think for urself or rather give selfish ppl psycho you to do the wrong .. den really can fuck urself lorhhs .. btw , iim referring to the others of his grp of friends .

ppl who noe me well , will understand my every rational .. especially when it comes to me being pissed .. when you're wrong , you dun1 to admit .. dun expect me to give a fuck .. AROMSIA

ii wonder if you can notice his eyes are red & mine is pink .. its I-fairy lens :)

ii love you bb <3 <3


Sunday, May 15, 2011 5/15/2011 05:11:00 PM
chiong si bo ??

watched this ytd at serangoon nex shaw .. ii prefer cathay though =X but bb surprised me with these 2 tickets .. hehes .. so we had pasta mania for dinner den play L4D2 den watch our show :)

went to rebel on a saturday night .. 7th May in fact .. our finances are planned so our activities are planned in advance too .. when ii finally able to go with b .. there was guest dj :( so its a trance night .. not that ii hate trance but ii prefer rnb after sooooooo long . & yea .. that night was meant to be just me & you :)

this boy arhhs .. never fail to cut his fruits >:(

so ii snap and zi lian .. hahhs"

ii love to spend time with you .. having serious chats .. though we quarrel almost everyday like hell .. but ohhs well .. ii still love you :)

when we reached the entrance of rebel .. howard saw us .. den we smk .. alan was there too .. they went tgt actually .. den later mag came ..

& den we party and party and party and party .. but erms ... ii kinda broke loose later on .. arhahhs" okiies .. bb was sick .. like literally ill ii mean .. but ii was so happy that he still went down with me :)

bb arhhs , though the both of us have a very bad temper .. but ii hope our love is strong ... my life had too many roller coasters .. ii needed a simple life .. you noe .. just work in the day ... after work .. go for a drink with you .. or watch tv with you .. you noe .. just sit on the sofa and hug you .. ii feel so loved ... the most painful thing is to quarrel with you .. really . no joke .. hate it to the max .. waste of energy and tears .. our 1yr is coming .. hope all our plans will go well .. love you :)


Friday, May 06, 2011 5/06/2011 12:08:00 PM
Boomboomshakeshake .. Now drop !

Arhahhs" 2mr is Saturday . Is REBEL DAY :D can't wait can't wait ! Hehes .. Wanted to like head down to asylum after clubbing but bb need to head home early to rest cos he need to wake up early on Sunday :( BUTTTTTTT .. It's okiies :D it's been a long time since we really really had a great time at the club .. I'm gonna make up Chiö Chiö .. Tong my hair Chiö Chiö . Muahaha .. A couple of friends will be arnd too . But not joining them for drinks .. Rather drink our own . Hate to drink ppl's drink , worse I DON'T KNOW who the fuck he is ..

Bb was like "you think we got no money must depend on ppl mehhs" . & like YARHHS ! I not that cheapo leiis pls .. It will be a good & fun nyte 2mr :) I'll punch anybody who screw my night . ESP Michelle ng :) provided she's there .. But I think she won't cos she's too humji ? Hahhs! Waddeva ..

Ytd watched fast & furious with bb at Bishan .. Walaus ehhs . Power arhhs ! I'm from sleepy mode .. Ji Tao became awake .. Fucking cool larhhs .. Den bb was like "bb , I want car .. I want car" -.- as if I'm doraemon . Lols" hope you pass ur tp bb , den i got car car sit . Hehehes" den I can throw my shopping bags in the car .. SONG ARHHS ! Lols"

After eating mos burger , we went for smks den went to the arcade to pass our time . At the entrance , I saw this hello kitty machine . Effing cute pls .. Bb , can I have 1 at home ? ^^. lmao .

I want that big prize :(

& that whole machine as well ! Hahhs"

Was reading pxdkitty few days back about the haters comment thing . & it's so bloody true . The haters care that's why they stalk & seemed to know every shit about you like even more than ur friends . Fucking sick ! Get a life man ..

Boring ! Gonna repaint my nails tonight .. So bored when b's not arnd .. Boo ...

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